"Child Chaperones for the entertainment & media industry"

Our Services

Alongside our standard chaperoning arm, we can offer a number of other services to production companies and event organisers.

Safeguarding & Child Protection

We ensure that all safeguarding & welfare procedures are implemented.

Providing up to date information & best practices for all productions.

Pastoral Care Teams (PCTs)

PCT"s that are available for all residential & International  productions, They can advise and assist on all areas of child welfare for residentials, as this differs greatly from daily chaperoning.

Personal and social well being of the children  can involve a huge variety of issues including Social, Physical and Mental wellbeing also moral issues,
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Why should you use the 

Chaperone Agency?

  • Chaperones Nationwide

  • LEA Licensed Chaperones 
  • Ehanced DBS Registered

  • Reliable, Helpful and Quick service
  • Safeguarding Trained
  • Free Advise for Productions


We can advise all productions on all aspects of children's licensing.

Pre-production Children's Coordinators

we offer production companies in the early stages of event planning, pre production coordination

Our aim is to assist and advise companies in pre-production in all the areas where children will be working.

We can help and advise on organisation of licensing, Health & Safety, First Aid, child working regulations
Safeguarding, welfare & duty of care, Permitted hours of work and required breaks  children's tutoring & Tutors.

This enables the company to address early on any problems that may occur when the production starts.

Were here for you to make the process as easy & smooth as possible 

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